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The Children's Clinic
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The pediatricians and providers in our clinic are carefully chosen not only for their competent care, but also for the compassion they show with each patient.  Our providers all have children at various stages of development.  We understand the struggles a family goes through when illness sets in.  The patients we care for become part of our daily lives as we watch them grow from infants into young adults.

Our pediatricians are board certified and are Fellows in the American Academy of Pediatrics.  We each hold interests in areas outside of our General Pediatric certifications which you can read about in our individual biographies.   

Parents often ask where we take care of sick patients.  Our primary practice setting is right in the clinic.  Occasionally we have a patient that will require advanced care, after hours urgent care or emergency care. As part of the UTMB Health system, we can offer our patients the best of both worlds: a friendly, skilled and convenient local office, and the expertise and breadth of services offered by a major academic medical center, with locations throughout the region. 
As physicians, we are human and sometimes we stumble over our own feet, but it is our humble privilege to watch your children grow.  Thank you for that opportunity!

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Dr. Robert Quillin * Dr. Beena Thomas * Dr. Avolonne Kimble * Dr. Jason Goldberg


Our Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff is probably one of the most respected in the area.  Our medical providers rely heavily on their effective and competent work routine to deliver the quality of healthcare you appreciate.  But, more importantly, it is the laughter and kindness they bring to work each day that we hope makes your visit with us so special.

All of our staff is specifically certified in each of their areas of practice.  Our nursing supervisor takes special care to make sure each of our staff is up to date in their clinical skills.  Each staff member has been supervised to insure competency.

Our nurses are additionally trained to address your medical questions.  You will likely speak to one of them when requesting refills, discussing lab results, or simply obtaining guidance for your not-so-well child.

Please take some time to get to know our nursing staff.  We would not be able to care for you if it was not for them.

Our Office Staff

We could not run the clinic without our front office staff.  They are the first people you will encounter on the phone or when you walk into the office.  They are the all important hub of the clinic.  The clinic operates around the phone calls they receive, the appointments they schedule, the charts they pull, and more.

The magnitude of what is accomplished in the front office is mind boggling.  Our practice administrator is responsbile for the day to day operations of the clinic.  She has several indviduals that support administrative efforts from the smile you see when you check out to our behind the scenes billing and insurance service.

Our front office staff would love to help you in anyway they can.  Please remember:

  • have your most current insurance card with you
  • let us know if you have any changes to your address or phone numbers
  • please make every effort to keep your account current

Insurance is your responsibility, and our staff is trying to help you obtain payments from the insurance companies.  In the event of insurance conflicts or lack of payment by insurance, you are responsible for any payment due.

Please let the friendly front office staff know how they can help!!

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