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The Children’s Clinic of Clear Lake was established in the summer of 2004 to better serve the community of Clear Lake and the greater surrounding area. The physicians and staff at the Clinic hope that we not only provide the medical care your growing child requires, but also desire to help you understand the changes their body goes through from infancy to young adulthood.

Raising a child can be overwhelming, particularly when illness sets in. We hope that we are able to alleviate your anxieties while delivering the compassionate, quality care your child deserves. We invite your family to “Come grow with us!"

At The Children's Clinic, we hope you find a friendly face during every step of your visit.  We know that you may have been referred to us by a a friend, a family member, or maybe even by another doctor.  Some of our patients come to us through sheer luck of the draw - - the finger on the "yellow pages", but more likely your "Googled" us.  How you discovered us is always good to know, but it's more important that we keep you as part of our family.  

Our first priority is to make sure your child stays healthy.  Sometimes we may make recommendations, such as medications or lab tests, that will help us understand what is going on with your child.  Sometimes we know from experience that your child is going to be just fine and needs a few more days of TLC.  Whatever your concern or our approach, we will always attempt to help you understand what is taking place with your child and what to expect in the days ahead.

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Our providers are board certified pediatricians who offer a comprehensive yet personalized approach for your child when you visit The Children's Clinic. To find out more about our providers visit the link provided below.

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